Notes : June 2018 Meeting

by Margherita on 26 June, 2018

It was a good meeting with around 23 attending including some new faces. It was especially interesting to hear what Councillors Rachel Pemberton and Adin Lang had to say.

Councillor Rachel Pemberton gave a presentation on the redevelopment of the Fremantle Oval which connects through to Fremantle Hospital, Alma Street, Fothergill Street, the Prison and Hampton Road.

Councillor Adin Lang gave a presentation on his first 8 months as a City Ward Councillor and some of the projects and  decisions he has been part of since becoming a Councillor.

There are a lot of new developments it seems about to kick off and in the pipeline for the area bounded by South Terrace, Parry St, Fothergill, Alma, Knutsford. Quite a number are in addition to the the big redevelopment of the Freo Oval project.

To keep in touch with what is planned and being developed Councillor Lang recommended everyone visit the Freo Council “My Say” page and subscribe to it for automatic updates.

Fremantle Oval Project

The Fremantle Oval redevelopment is a huge project and includes potential development of surrounding land at the Hospital and the Prison. An Indicative Development Plan is being prepared that will investigate whether there may be a viable major project for the precinct – and if so, how best to move forward. This is to be considered initially by Council in July 2018 before fully engaging with community and approaching the State Government – noting that most of the land is Crown Land, not vested in the City Fremantle.

See diagram below for potential area of this project.

A couple of related links worth looking at also are: and to the “Fremantle 2029 Transformational Moves” document which has been recently updated and of which copies were handed out at the meeting.

Hampton Road Working Group (HRWG) Update

First up  Anne McCaughey presented and spoke to her updated visualisations for “Hamptons Reserve” the green space between the eastern prison wall and Hampton Road and then  Julie Murphy gave an update of group’s main activities.

There is now a website and a broadened identity – “Friends of Hampton and Ord” or FoHO for short.  The URL for the website is

The “email all Councillors for funding to address safety concerns” campaign resulted in lots of emails being sent in. Councillor Pemberton told the meeting that money is tight for the Council this year but approximately $28,000 looks like it will be allocated in the Budget for  ‘design and consultation’ projects for Hampton/Ord. This funding is over and above any staff time spent on this and is additional to any construction budgets that may follow in following years.

The email campaign also caught the attention of others living along and affected by the southern end of Hampton – i.e. south of South Street, as well as the elected Councillors representing this part of the community.  Hampton Road (south) is on the boundary of an additional 2 Wards and 2 Precincts and is represented by an additional 4 Councillors.

As a consequence, the HRWG/FoHO) were an agenda item at the South Fremantle Precinct (SFP) meeting in May. South Fremantle Precinct has now set up a working group to look at the urban amenity of the main roads in Sth Freo including Hampton, Douro, South Terrace and Marine Terrace.

In mid May several members of HRWG went for a walk from Fothergill to High St with Councillors Rachel Pemberton, Andrew Sullivan and Mayor Brad Pettit (with apologies due to ill health from Jon Strachan).  HRWG is hoping to repeat this with the remaining Councillors.

CoF is applying for $600,000 funding under Federal Black Spot funding to address South St and Hampton Road intersection.  The CoF also commissioned a Safety Audit of this intersection . Not surprisingly a number of “Important -Very High/High” issues were discovered.

Ryan Abbott – CoF Manager Parks and Reserves has advised approx 35 – 40 trees are to be planted on Hampton/Ord this winter which is great news.

General discussion

There was some discussion about pedestrian crossings being needed at many points along Hampton Road.

Another  point that someone raised at the meeting was the lack of support for vehicles (and cyclists ) travelling south along Hampton to make right hand turns to get into Freo, pointing out that there is no right hand turn allowed at Ord, no right turn arrow at Wray and no right turn arrow at South St.

There was discussion about extending the CAT bus service to run along Hampton (to try and reduce use of cars) and also about having “Free Transit Zones”. Rachel was going to get someone from the Council to talk about this topic at a future Precinct meeting.

The health issue of diesel particulates from trucks using Hampton and Ord was also raised.

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