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The meeting was chaired by Chris Haynes, opening at 7.15 pm.                .


Present: Liz Haynes, June Hutchison, Mary Dortch, Charlie Dortch, Patricia Hanson, Shirley Burbidge, Mollie Macleod, Marion Treasure, Jan Kornweibel, David Hutchison, Alan Kelsall, Bill Burbidge.


Apologies: Rachel Pemberton, Mary Bairstow, David Hawks


Minutes from December meeting: Moved June Hutchison, Seconded Patricia Hanson. Accepted.


Business arising from minutes, including correspondence:


  1. Wray Ave/Manning St intersection. Chris pointed out that, as noted in the minutes, Dwight Kostusik’s letter, received in December, did not answer the request for a group of us to meet officers before the work is done. Since then Cr Pemberton has told Chris that there will be consultation before the work, scheduled for March-April. June indicated she would approach Peter Pikor about the frustration being experienced about this issue. [Next day Danial Coe from the Council contacted Chris and the site meeting was set up for the following Wednesday, 20th Feb – attended by Danial and other council officers, June, Marion and Patricia.] There was some brief discussion about the need for speed control in the location.


  1. Wray Ave Planning Policy.  Chris read out response from Paul Garbett, indicating that a request to the government for incorporation of the policy into LPS 4 would not meet with success. Chris said he was really pleased with the response because, although it did not do what we had asked for, Paul had given a clear and comprehensive reasoning as to why such a request would not succeed.


  1. Planning issues, Solomon St and similar areas. Chris told the meeting there had been no response from Cr Andrew Sullivan to our further invitation to attend a future meeting and read out Cr Pemberton’s response, commending it as the kind of explanation that helped members understand the issues. Several speakers expressed their irritation and disappointment that there seemed to little  willingness for councillors to engage with issues that local residents considered important and that rules, policies and guidelines seemed not to matter.


There was some discussion about particular developments, for example the new apartments on Solomon St, those above them in Swanbourne St and the ex-la Majolica site in Norfolk St. In relation to the Solomon St block development, mentioned in Cr Pemberton’s email and where Council had ordered extra un-approved structures to be removed, there were questions as t0 why these had not been picked up earlier, for example by building inspectors. There are evidently difficulties in the procedures used to stop work and also there had been some differences between planning approvals and building licences. Alan Kelsall explained that these had been, or were being, resolved.


The meeting was left with the impression that local people need to keep an eye out for non compliance to streetscape policies – but several people expressed dissatisfaction with this arrangement because it is hard to know what has been approved and it takes some technical competence to spot all but the most obvious non-compliance.


  1. Wray Ave amenity plantings, cleanups and social activities. Chris explained that he had met Heath Adams in December and again in January, discussing both new plantings and cleaning up. Since then Chris has spoken to Michael Leers at the council. They will subsidise costs by 50% and we will need to order from Apace from the list they have. We will need to get council permission. Mollie offered to organise the cleanup for Sunday 3rd March in liaison with Heath and to do a letterbox drop to advise residents about both the cleanup (and seek support for each owner to maintain the verge) and the supplementary plantings. [Since done – thanks Mollie – we were surprised about how generally much cleaner Wray Ave has become.]


  1. Hampton Road heavy traffic. Chris advised that a letter had been sent to mayor on 23rd Jan but there had been no reply yet. [Reply received from Dwight Kostusik on 28th February.]


  1. Corner of Ashburton Tce and Wray Ave. Tabling letters that go back to 2008, Shirley Burbidge described the lengthy and unsatisfactory interaction with council about the requests that had been made numerous times about this intersection. As she demonstrated, letters and emails went unanswered or the reply was dismissive. The problem, as mentioned at the last meeting, was large vehicles parking on or near the corner making visibility for drivers leaving Ashburton Tce nearly impossible. The obvious solutions, e.g. removing one or preferably two parking bays, had been ignored by council. She told the meeting she had raised the issue again at a (poorly advertised and hence poorly attended ratepayers’ meeting.) (Chris commented that not even precinct coordinators had been notified.) Shirley agreed to draft another letter for Chris to send to Council. June indicated that she would raise this with Peter Pikor as well. [When Danial Coe phoned Chris about the Manning St issue he mentioned the Ashburton Tce corner, telling him that plans had been drawn up to change the corner but funding had not been available and the works had been in abeyance. He will see that it gets ‘resurrected’.]


Other agenda.


  1. Planning policy for Marine Tce. Phillip Bairstow asked for this item but was unable to get to the meeting, apologising on the next day. Agreed that the item be held over.


  1. Dogs of leads at Esplanade. Liz read out part of a letter by Louise Ainsworth, seeking council agreement that dogs be allowed off leads at the Esplanade Park until 9 am each day. There was some discussion about the use of poo bags and also limiting to a 6 month trial. Eventually members agreed to support the idea, and to include Bathers’ Beach.


  1. Boat ramp proposal at Fremantle Sailing Club. Charlie Dortch informed those present about a proposal to build facilities for junior sailors and disabled people – to improve access to the water – at the north end of the Fremantle Dog Beach. Quite vigorous discussion ensued with most people apparently opposed to the idea, mainly on the grounds that the beach was quite small and any encroachment, especially with a groin and buildings, would reduce an already limited amount of public access to the public beaches in Fremantle. Some members pointed out that the sailing club’s proposal was justified on the basis of needs. In the end it was agreed that members should inform themselves of the proposal and take appropriate action – signing of petitions, letters, etc.


  1. Removal of fig tree in park near Fremantle PS. June pointed out that the old fig tree had been removed and that we should ask for careful consideration to be given to its replacement. The site has the potential to offer shade and amenity to local residents, hospital staff, mothers and small children etc. It was agreed that we write to council seeking new tree planting, although there might have been an issue with poisoning with the old fig.


Next meeting. 9th April 2013. Chris indicated that the next meeting should include the AGM. He explained that he would not be standing for re-election. He asked that local residents think carefully about a possible replacement because otherwise the precinct will have to go into abeyance – as others have done.


The meeting closed at about 8.40 pm.





The meeting was chaired by Chris Haynes, opening at 7.15 pm.                .


Present: Linda Kilkelly, Heath Adams, Patricia Hanson, Bill Burbidge, Shirley Burbidge, Mollie MacLeod, David Hawks, June Hutchison, David Hutchison, Alan Kelsall, Marion Treasure, Mary Dortch, Charlie Dortch, Ian Brashaw, Liz Haynes, Chris Haynes.


Apologies: Jan Kornweibel, Rachel Pemberton, Phillip Bairstow, Mary Bairstow.


Minutes from October meeting: Moved June Hutchison/Seconded Patricia Hanson. Accepted.


Business arising from minutes, including correspondence:


  1. Wray Ave/Manning St intersection. Chris wrote again about this, following up the discussions of recent meetings. He read out a reply from Dwight Kostusik that had come in a few days before the meeting. It addressed one of the issues, traffic speed around Galati’s Store – there had been a speed survey in 2009 that revealed an average speed of 37 kph. This will be followed up with another in February 2013. (There was some discussion about average speed being an inadequate indicator – because most people drive slowly. The problem is the few hoons who drive dangerously – and this is where some control measures are necessary.)


The letter also advised he was unable to provide more information about parking in Manning St because this was an issue currently before Council; and that long term plans for Wray Avenue are still being discussed with other officers. The letter did not address the main point – the request made several times for a meeting with interested local people on site.


Two other issues were raised here, the possibility of greater access for bicycles and pedestrians around this key location and the pelican crossing that is supposed to be installed near Guiffre’s Store. In regard to the latter Chris advised he had earlier correspondence that it should be completed by the end of the end of the current financial year.


  1. Wray Ave Planning Policy. Chris has written to ask Council to approach State Government but no reply received yet. [He has since received a comprehensive response from Paul Garbett, to be tabled at the next meeting.] June suggested that the policy might cover a larger area – to be considered at a later date.


  1. Planning issues, Solomon St and similar areas. After detailed discussion at last meeting June prepared a question (in consultation with Chris) which she read out at the Council meeting in late November. The Mayor delegated the issue to the planning office, which June and Chris both thought was an inappropriate response – because (as discussed at the October meeting) we see the problem lies not with the officers but with councillors who do not seem to follow Council policies. Accordingly Chris had again written to Andrew Sullivan – read out – noting his earlier apology at being unable to attend the October meeting, expressed the above views and asked if he could please come to a later meeting. There was a general view that policies such as those recently approved and promulgated by Council are useless unless they are adhered to. Otherwise they should be scrapped.


There was general discussion on issues related to particular properties – in Swanbourne, Solomon and Norfolk streets – and about particular issues such as dark coloured roofs and the possibilities mooted for granny flats to be allowed with minimal planning approvals.


  1. Stan Reilly site. Chris suggested that the issue was now out of our hands and, indeed, the Council’s hands. That was agreed but there was some concern expressed that there is still a need for aged day-care facilities in the area.


Other business.


  1. Wray Ave amenity plantings, cleanups and social activities. Heath spoke briefly about the successful grass tree plantings of last winter and other possible plantings and activities, including the Lantern Festival they had organised earlier in the year. Discussion on litter and how cleaning this up could be best achieved – the ‘two hands project’. It was suggested that a concentrated cleanup could be organised, perhaps on Clean Up Australia Day in March, and then local people might be able to undertake responsibility for their own verges. As well, Heath mentioned that many local businesses were interested in maintaining clean areas (Business Precinct Lobby Group).


There was also discussion on plantings of native species other than grass trees. We need to approach APACE early if we want to place an order for the coming winter – planting to take place in May or June.


It was agreed that Chris and Heath will meet to discuss further action and Heath will email people who might be interested in the cleanup.


  1. Hampton Road heavy traffic. David Hawks recapped on earlier requests for Council to ask Main Roads to stop the really long articulated trucks from using this access to the port. The Mayor had been sympathetic and undertook to have a survey of the heavy traffic as a starting point. He is not sure if the survey has yet been done but would like local residents to be able to see it when available. He gave Chris a draft letter.


There was general discussion about the transport companies preferring to use Hampton Road between Henderson and the port because it is cheaper and more effective than Stock Road. There was also discussion about the desirability of crosswalks on Hampton Road.


It was agreed that Chris should write to the Mayor as drafted by David.


  1. Corner of Ashburton Tce and Wray Ave. Bill Burbidge wanted to draw attention to the difficult position created by the parking in Wray Ave that often impedes vision of drivers leaving Ashburton  Tce. Whilst all residents in that part of Wray Ave have off street parking one 4WD and caravan had been parked more or less permanently for several weeks and it was dangerous. All Ashburton residents agreed that at least one (preferably three) parking spaces should go so that the corner is safe. They had asked Cr Grey-Smith after having no attention from Peter Wood in the Council but had had no response. It was agreed that the precinct should follow up.


  1. Arthur Head. Council’s intentions to create an ‘Arts and Culture precinct’ around Arthur Head was discussed briefly.


Next meeting. To be on 12th February 2013.


The meeting closed at about 8.35 pm and most people stayed for drinks and cake etc (provided from Council hospitality funds.)                   .





The meeting was chaired by Chris Haynes, opening at 7.15 pm.


Present: Chris Haynes, Mollie MacLeod, Patricia Hanson, Alan Kelsall,

Marion Treasure, Keith O’Brian, June Hutchison.


Apologies: Jan Kornweibel, Elizabeth Haynes, Hans Hug, Ian Brashaw, Julie Savill, David Hutchison, Dorle Ruthrof.


Minutes from August meeting: Moved (June Hutchison and Patricia Hanson) and accepted.


Business arising from minutes, including correspondence:


  1. Wray Ave/Manning St intersection. Still no reply from Council. Patricia, Alan and Marion had offered to meet the officer to ensure that discussion takes place before plans are finalised. Chris will write to the CEO and Dwight asking again for a meeting. We want an integrated approach to dealing with problems in Wray Ave/Manning St/Brennan St, not one which just deals with specific aspects.


  1. Wray Ave Planning Policy. Dealt with in the main agenda.


  1. Planning issues, Solomon St and similar areas. Dealt with in the main agenda.


  1. Support for the treeing of South Terrace and High St. David Hawks and Chris did write supporting the current planting; received a reply from Michael Leers, Council aborculturalist, noting that we don’t want any more olive trees.


Alan reported on current planning (structure plans) for particular areas so that tree planting complements heritage buildings and takes account of verandahs, views etc. Council intends to have more trees in the West End, balancing planting and heritage/commercial values. Should also incorporate landscaping and consideration of public open space, which in some cases may mean relying on verandahs for shelter/shade and using trees in public spaces.


Chris indicated we should keep a watching brief on this and he intends to meet Michael Leers to discuss further. There was some discussion about areas outside the city centre, noting that some trees are inappropriate, e.g. the Chinese Elms that sometimes produce suckers in adjoining gardens.


  1. Stan Reilly site. Have had a brief uninformative reply from the Dockers.

News coverage suggests that planning for Stan Reilly site is increasingly being influenced by the Dockers’ requirements and the financial assistance Cockburn Council is offering them. [Since the meeting Chris has circulated a much fuller briefing from the Council.]


  1. Wind farm proposal. Chris emailed Roel Loopers about this and he replied that the Fremantle Society will put it on their agenda. The group proposing this is still hoping for community support, through writing to Fremantle Ports or the Minister. Chris will contact Roel to ask if a date has been set for a public forum. [Note, since the meeting the Port Authority has made it pretty clear that it won’t allow this proposal – see Fremantle Herald, Week ending 13th October.]



Agenda items.


  1. Wray Avenue issues. Chris has contacted Heath Adams who organised the recent plantings of balga on some verges, to tell him we support what he is doing and would like to help, possibly with a working bee to pick up rubbish from the verges. It would also be good to do some weeding and, when appropriate, to help with planting other suitable species on the verges. Responsibility for verges lies with property owners, not the Council. We see this as a good community project to raise awareness and engage other people in the community. Mollie commented that Bruce from Replantings and Michael from Council had given great support with the balga planting.


  1. Planning issues. June reported that she had spoken to a planning officer about getting the Wray Avenue Planning Policy incorporated into Local Planning Scheme No 4. He said that, given recent experience with a policy for the East End, it seems unlikely that the WAPC will agree to this. But he said that the Precinct could write to Council making a formal request that the policy be incorporated into LPS 4.


Chris will write to Council requesting that the Wray Avenue Planning Policy be incorporated into the Local Planning Scheme.


We are concerned that the Planning Services Committee is allowing additional heights for new buildings in streets where permitted heights are set at one or two storeys. In Solomon and Swanbourne Streets additional heights will result in overshadowing and loss of privacy and amenity; a decision on 20 Norfolk St was deferred but the committee was inclined to allow four storeys, contrary to the officers’ advice and in spite of the detrimental impact on neighbours and the streetscape.


Chris mentioned that many people had contacted him between meetings about their concern that Council seemed not to follow policies and their disheartenment over the way the city is going, saying one thing and doing another.


After considerable discussion on how to proceed, Keith suggested that we ask a question at a Council meeting, giving examples of where we feel the committee is not taking proper account of policies in their discussion and decision making, and including a request that the Chair of Planning Services Committee, Cr Sullivan, come to a Precinct meeting to discuss this issue. This was agreed to by the meeting, and Chris and June will attend a Council meeting soon.



Other business. No other business was raised.


Next meeting. 11 December at 7.15 pm.


The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.



Meeting chaired by Chris Haynes, opening at 7.18 pm.

Present: David Hutchison, June Hutchison, David Hawks, Mollie MacLeod, Linda Kilkelly, Liz Haynes, Patricia Hanson, Chris Haynes.

Apologies: Nil (Marion Treasure advised after the meeting that she had been at another meeting that took longer than expected).

Minutes from last meeting: Moved and accepted.

Business arising from minutes, including correspondence:


1. Wray Ave/Manning St intersection. Chris advised he had written back to the Council with the request for an on-site meeting. No reply received yet. Patricia noted that a striped pole had been placed on the Brennan St intersection. [Heath Adams since advised it was placed by the Water Corporation for one of their cover slabs.] All agreed a site meeting with Council officers was definitely necessary.


2. Wray Ave Planning Policy. Noted this has been fully adopted by Council (on 3rd July). A credit to Alan Kelsall and June Hutchison. Character appraisal an important innovation for this policy. June will follow up with Council (Phil St John) about progress to incorporate as a Planning Scheme (LPS 4) amendment.


3. Planning issues, Solomon St and similar areas. Chris noted no further action within Precinct but numerous letters and attention in the Herald. Noted also Cr Pemberton’s advice that Council will write to State Planning Commission about imposing restrictions on lot amalgamations. Discussion followed on questions of height and bulk that are out of character with the surrounding houses and the need for computer modelling so that neighbours could understand what was proposed. Agreed that Cr Sullivan, as Chair of the Planning Committee, be invited to attend a future meeting to discuss these matters (suggested by David Hawks). Also agreed Chris writes to Cr Pemberton thanking her for assisting progress so far and asking what else can be done.


4. Container trucks on Hampton Rd. A letter drafted by David Hawks sent to the Mayor. Response received indicated that Council would be seeking traffic counts prior to discussion with Main Roads. Cr Pemberton had also emailed back on this issue in response to the minutes of the June meeting.


5. Support for the treeing of South Terrace and High St. David Hawks had drafted a letter, sent on 2nd August, no reply yet. Chris apologized that it had been overlooked.


6. Pedestrian crossing on South Terrace. Letter sent on 4th June about enquiry raised at April meeting. We received a detailed and helpful response from Phil Gale which explained that as the crossing would be expensive, only one of three possible crossings will be constructed (near Guiffré’s store). There will be some delay because of manufacture of specialized lighting etc.



Agenda Item.


1. Stan Reilly/Freo Dockers site – update and seeking views. Chris noted the recent activity in the press etc about the Fremantle Football Club’s possible move to Cockburn and asked if the Precinct wished to join the discussion, noting that the proposed clubrooms are in our precinct. Several angles were considered in discussion and it was agreed Chris should write two letters, one to the FFC, expressing the precinct’s hope that the club would remain in Fremantle and develop the Stan Reilly site as previously proposed. The other, to the Council, should express support for the Dockers to remain, partly because of business and sentiment but also our wish for community amenity to be preserved.


Other Business:


1. Re-imbursement of expenses. One account was presented for photocopying and all were reminded that we have a small allocation from Council for such expenses.


2. North Fremantle Wind Farm proposal. Chris noted that June and himself had attended a seminar at the Glyde-In Centre and outlined what had looked a promising proposal in 2002, but which had lapsed because commercial conditions changed. A small group of proponents hoped this could be resurrected. June added that she had also heard it mentioned at a meeting of the Fremantle Society which was also hoping to sponsor another information session for the public. It was agreed that Chris should write to the FS, encouraging them to sponsor such a session.



Next Meeting: 9th October at 7.15 pm.



Closure: Meeting closed at 8.20 pm.






(1)       June to follow up with Council about incorporation of Wray Avenue Planning Policy into the Planning Scheme (LPS 4). [Attempted but Mr St John has been on leave.]


(2)        Chris to invite Cr Sullivan to a future precinct meeting to discuss issues of bulk and scale. [Done and reply received. He has another engagement – for discussion next meeting.]


(3)        Chris to write to Cr Pemberton, expressing thanks for pushing the amalgamation of blocks issue and asking what other aspects of bulk and scale could be considered. [Done and reply received.  She will approach the planning officers.]


(4)               Chris to write to the FFC expressing the precinct’s wish for the club to continue to be located in Fremantle (Liz to draft). [Done.]


(5)               Chris to write to Council expressing wish that FFC be encouraged to stay. [Done.]


(6)               Chris to write to Fremantle Society in support of public information seminar on a possible wind farm at North Moll. [Done by email – they will consider at their next meeting.]





Meeting chaired by Chris Haynes, opening at 7.15 pm.


 L. Kilkelly, J Hutchison, D Hutchison, D Hawks, E Haynes, C Haynes, M Dortch, M Macleod.


 Jan Kornweibel, Marion Treasure, Hans Hug, Catherine Atoms, Patricia Hanson.

Minutes from last meeting:

Moved and accepted.

Business arising from minutes, including correspondence:


1. Reply from Dwight Kostusik which did not fully address matters in precinct letter. Agreed that Convenor should write back asking for consultation on site, as previously requested.


2. Letter to Council sent only on 4/ 6/12, regarding pedestrian crossings on South Tce.


3. Email from Claudia Green regarding her difficulty in continuing to pursue issue of planning in Solomon Street and other areas within precinct. She will not proceed with convening a separate meeting to discuss further action.


At Council meeting amalgamation of blocks to build huge development was discussed and deemed out of character with area and contrary to state policy. More concentrated housing is favoured to increase population in district. Agreed that Convenor should write to Council to check if item passed at Council.

Agenda Items.

1. Wray Avenue planning Policy.

Four Precinct members attended Council Planning Committee meeting at which C. Haynes expressed our appreciation that the policy had been passed. We hope this policy will become a template for future development.


2. Container Trucks on Hampton Road.

Issue outlined by David Hawks; number of trucks using this route has increased by 30%. It is not a designated truck route but there is no written size restriction. A semi trailer with 40 ft container is legal.

David will prepare a draft letter to Council on behalf of Precinct to express our concern at this development and may also write to The Herald.


3. Support for treeing of South Terrace and High Street.

 Members agreed that the potted trees in South Terrace add to the appearance of the “Cappuccino Strip” and do not detract from the character of the area. It was agreed that olives are not the most suitable street trees and another species, such as Dwarf Plane would be more suitable. Linda suggested that public picking of ripe olives should be encouraged and that this could be a sociable activity. D. Hawks to prepare draft letter to the council on behalf of the precinct.

Other Business: Nil.

Next Meeting: 14th August.

Closure: Meeting closed at 8.10.



  1. C. Haynes to write to Dwight Kostusik again regarding suggested meeting with precinct members to discuss traffic and parking issues in Wray Ave/ Manning and Carnac Streets.


  1. D Hawks to draft letter to Council regarding container trucks.


  1. D Hawks to draft letter to Council commending street trees in South Terrace.



Present: Alan Kelsall, Phillip Bairstow, Mary Bairstow, Linda Kilkelly, Charlie Dortch, Patricia Hanson, Shirley Burbidge, Mollie MacLeod, David Hawks, June Hutchison, Chris Grisewood, Hans Hug, Claudia Green, Elizabeth Haynes, Ian Brashaw, Judith Ingle, Jan Korweibel, Rachel Pemberton, Chris Haynes

 Apologies: Mary Dortch, David Hutchison, Mark Kilkelly, Marion Treasure, Susan Grace, Lorna Comley

 Chris Haynes vacated the chair and it was taken by Claudia Green

 Call for nominations as convenor: Chris Haynes was nominated and accepted to continue as convenor

Call for nominations as committee members: Mollie MacLeod, June Hutchison, Ian Brashaw and Liz Haynes agreed to continue and Claudia Green agreed to accept nomination.

 Call for nominations as minutes secretary: It was agreed that Claudia Green and Liz Haynes would share these duties.

 Closure: Chris resumed the chair and closed the meeting at 8.35 pm, continuing with the ordinary meeting.



Meeting chaired by Chris Haynes, following AGM, at about 7.45 pm.


 Alan Kelsall, Phillip Bairstow, Mary Bairstow, Linda Kilkelly, Charlie Dortch, Patricia Hanson, Shirley Burbridge, Mollie MacLeod, David Hawks, June Hutchison, Chris Grisewood, Hans Hug, Claudia Green, Elizabeth Haynes, Ian Brashhaw, Judith Ingle, Jan Kornweibel, Chris Haynes, Cr Rachel Pemberton (arrived at about 8.25 pm).


Mary Dortch, David Hutchison, Mark Kilkelly, Marion Treasure, Susan Grace, Lorna Comley.

Representative of Fremantle Festivals team:  Had been expected but did not arrive.

  Minutes from last meeting: Taken as read via Freospace.

Business arising from minutes, including correspondence:

  1. Letter to Council CEO about 30 minute parking bays in Howard St. Formal reply received (email from Peter Wood).

2.       Letter to Council about junctions of Wray Ave with Brennan, Manning and Carnac. 2 letters sent, one on 25th Jan and another, after the last meeting, on 5th March. No reply yet and haven’t yet chased up either. Will do so but hope we can agree to put in abeyance for this meeting because of pressure of other business. Agreed. [Brief reply received by mail on 20th April].

3.       Bicycle users group at school. Reply received from council officer, Phil Gale. Council feels it can do no more. Issues are to be dealt with by Bicycle users Group.


  1. Letter about traffic lights at Sth Terrace/Sth Street – received, from Dwight Kostusik. Will ask Main Roads but low priority. Question from floor regarding pedestrian crossing near Guiffre Store and possibly one near the Ian Diffin corner. The chair said that he had been told it would be in place this financial year and will write to follow up the issue of pedestrian crossings generally.


  1. Email from David Hutchison, resigning as rep from Inner Harbour Community Liaison Group and request to endorse David Hawks as our rep. The chair thanked David for several years of work on this and the meeting accepted, with thanks, David Hawks’ willingness to represent the precinct on this group.


  1. Email from Kay Raymond, asking for views to use Freospace as vehicle for Heritage photo competition, adjunct of Heritage Week in May/June. This was commended by Chairman and supported in principle by members as a means to promote protection of heritage. To be left to individuals to pursue. Note that permission of owners of houses, for example, may need to be gained as issue of ethics sometimes occurs.

Agenda items:

 1. Brief review of activities for last 15 months. The chair spoke to the following issues/achievements: (1) Seems now long time since many of us gathered at the council office to discuss installation of Wray Ave roundabout (last Jan), particular anxiety about traffic in Howard St. Several meetings and eventual agreement by full council to compromise and add the L turn only at Marine Tce. Working quite well, although some people not happy with it – and it took months and a lot of nagging to get finished; (2) Introduction of Freospace – not particularly successful in my view but does provide means of communication; (3) Wray Ave Planning Policy – more on that later – but has been successful interaction with planning officers and now out for public comment; (4) Intersections of Wray and streets around Galatis – still ongoing but probably to be expected – and we did get an immediate response with Dwight Kostusik at the October meeting; (5) Input into Kings Square and Amendment 49; (6) Proactive input into Victoria Quay before lines start getting drawn; (7) Representations about Pre School being fenced off and BUG, neither especially fruitful; (8) Liaison with Port Authority. So you lose some as well as winning a few. All hard work and often most successful action through parallel actions, individuals and other groups; (9) meeting Council candidates.


  1. Wray Avenue planning policy. (Alan/June). Council passed the policy on March 28 and will be out for public comment soon [since advertised]. This requires positive response from precinct. Issues are appraisal of Character, whether it conserves or enhances; zoning. Note that plans costing over $8 million automatically go to state Government and there are no grounds for appeal. Policy to be advertised and Chris will notify members by email. Vote of thanks given to June and Alan for their work on this project.


  1. Planning issues, Solomon St and similar areas.  Several residents of Solomon, Knutsford and Bellview Streets, spoke after Spokesperson Claudia Green gave overview of situation. One example of concern, for instance, is that 7 – 9 Solomon Street is 3 – 4 stories and impacts on the amenity of neighbours. Several other examples were discussed. Cr Pemberton gave council’s perspective; Ian Brashaw explained R code law (character definition), TP Scheme, Residential Design Codes and Development Assessment Panel which indicate that the council really has no control; it is a Planning Commission issue. This issue provoked much consternation to members. Claudia Green will convene separate meeting as the group feels strongly that action must be taken to prevent this type of development happening in future.



  1. Stan Reilly Centre update.


Fremantle Football Club and Notre Dame University have been leased this building site with stipulations to accommodate community , eg seniors’ meeting room. Will need to see how the amenity for the latter groups is afforded.



Other business: One other issue had been flagged by Charlie Dortch, about ship- cleaning noise in the Port but he advised that the matter seemed to have been resolved, at least for the time being.



Next meeting: 12th June



Closure: the meeting closed at 9.15pm.





Chris:  (1) Write to Council seeking clarification about pedestrian crossings, both near   Guiffre store and Diffens.

(2) advertise Wray Ave Policy via email.


Claudia: To convene separate meeting re planning issues in our district.



Meeting chaired by Chris Haynes, opened at 7.20 pm.


Changed order of meeting: The chair advised he had emailed changes on the day before the meeting to advise the Fremantle Festival representatives would not be coming but will do so next meeting. However Mayor Pettit will come later in this meeting.


Mention material on the table: The Chair advised  the following were on the table for inspection: (1) Minutes of December meeting, 2 copies – also posted on Freospace; (2) Copies of correspondence, in clip; (3) various brochures from Council, King’s Square, verge planting (also put out last time) and flyers for Freo festivals.


Present: Darrell Straton, Elizabeth Haynes, Mollie MacLeod, Marion Treasure, Charlie Dortch, June Hutchison, David Hutchison, Paul Gamblin, Patricia Hanson, Alan Kelsall, Linda Kilkelly, Mary Dortch, Dirima Cuthbert.


Apologies: Ian Brashaw, Mary and Phillip Bairstow, Rachel Pemberton, David Hawks.


Minutes from last meeting: Moved acceptance. June Hutchison/Alan Kalsall. Accepted as true record.


Business arising from minutes:


  1. Letter to Council CEO about 30 minute parking bays in Howard St. Sent on 2/12, no response by last meeting but followed up. Thanks to Kay Raymond who has sent an interim reply, seemingly a very positive response that indicated Council will install 30 minute limit signs and wheel stops [Note: the signs have now been erected and a formal letter received].


  1. The Chair said there was also mention of the Manning, Brennan and Carnac St junctions with Wray Ave and parking for these. Discussion about these followed. Would there be a formal response? The Chair indicated that he expected one. Again members reiterated their wish for some of the verges, notably the second along, proposed for parking were well kept and should not be used for parking. It was agreed that Marion and June will draft a letter to this effect for the Chair to forward to Dwight Kostusik.


Also, was the intention for Manning to by one way? The plan provided (tabled by June) suggested it would. The Chair suggested he also send a message to Council about having a site meeting with interested people (Patricia Hanson, Marion Treasure and Alan Kelsall). Agreed.


  1. Bicycle users group at school. Letter sent to Mayor, drafted by Marion. No response yet. [Since received.]
  2. Speed around Galati’s shop. Letter sent. No response yet.


  1. Fence around pre-primary school. Letter (tabled) had been delivered and the Chair had met with Paul Burke, the Principal. The Chair reported the meeting was friendly but it appeared that already it was too late, as confirmed by Mr Burke’s letter. Construction was completed early in the new year. The height was less than originally thought and was black instead of being regular cyclone. The chair had informed Patsy Ahern who had raised the issue.


  1. Letter about traffic lights at Sth Terrace/Sth Street has been sent. No reply yet. [Reply since received.]


Agenda items:


  1. Wray Avenue planning policy. There has been no further action to report. [Since then, June and Alan have received news that the Policy will go to the Planning Services Committee on Wed 7th March].


  1. Condition of Esplanade Park. Issue had been raised by Lorna Comley at an earlier meeting and informally with the Chair who has looked at the area and noted that the repairs are always patchy, coarse weeds grow back and reticulation is often not working properly with resultant dead patches. He had approached Rob Harrison at FICRA who didn’t seem especially concerned, but had copied my email and his reply to the Mayor and CEO. After further discussion it was agreed members would try to look at the park’s condition in coming weeks and we will revisit the issue at the next meeting.


Visit from the Mayor, Dr Pettit:


The Mayor arrived at about 8.05 pm and was welcomed by the Chair. He outlined his purpose in visiting, to take questions about the major issue before Council currently, Planning Scheme Amendment 49. After his brief introduction the following issues were raised and discussed:

  • Quality of the architecture. This will need to meet ‘precinct’ standards that maintain a sense of mutual integrity. There will be a professional advisory committee (DACC), already established.
  • Height restrictions. Central part of King’s Square will be the most limited, the most affected streets will be Adelaide, Queen and Cantonment. Agreed penetration of sun and light key issues.
  • Parking. For residents but not workers.
  • Legacy for the future. Ensuring the buildings will be quality and maintain character.
  • Affordable housing. Hard to do but will try to attract all levels of affordability.


Other issues discussed were:

  • Current owners refusing to reinvest in their properties and charging excessive rents.
  • Beautification of Fremantle Hospital. Currently in hand?
  • Notre Dame University impact on the city.
  • Access for cars into Fremantle in the future.


Other business: Nil.


Next meeting: 10th April 2012. Invited the Festival people to come then. Reminder this will be the AGM as well.


Closure: the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.





(1)   Letter to Dwight Kostusik about parking in Manning St

(2)   Chair to also email Mr Kostusik about having an on-site meeting [Both done].



Meeting chaired by Chris Haynes, opened at 7.15 pm.


Introduction of visitors: Chris introduced Councillor Rachel Pemberton and offered congratulations for her election.


Mention material on the table: He drew attention to material on the table for perusal – (1) pictures of Carnac St (relevant to discussion on item 2, junction of Wray Ave and other streets; (2) copy of minutes of last meeting – also posted on Freospace; (3) Freo road to rail seminar info; (4) Council verge guideline booklets – several copies available for people to take away; (5) draft letters to go with later agenda items.


Present: David Hutchison; June Hutchison; Susan Green; David Hawks; Mary Dortch; Patsy Ahern; Marion Treasure; Patricia Hanson; Lorna Comley; Dianne Johnson; Darrell Stratton; Alan Kelsall; Cr. Rachel Pemberton; Hon. Lynn McLaren, MLC; Chris Haynes


Apologies: Dorle Ruthrof; Jan Kornweibel; Liz Haynes


Minutes from last meeting were accepted: Moved by David Hutchison; Seconded by Patricia Hanson.


Business arising from minutes:


1. Presentation by Dwight Kostusik – agenda item 2.


2. Candidates for council – Rachel elected. Congratulations.


3. Signboard outside Wild Poppy café – Chris said he was pleased to report that Liz Haynes had spoken to Robyn, the manager there and amicable solution arrived at. The board will be cleaned up and its use shared by the café and the precinct, for notices about meetings and other precinct issues.


4. Letter to Council CEO about 30 minute parking bays in Howard St been sent in support of Sth Tce business owners – letter sent about 2 weeks ago but awaiting reply. Chris explained that the understanding of a number of people was that the 90° bays near the roundabout were to be 30 minutes so that shoppers could get parking but the bays had been marked the same as the rest of Howard St, 2 hours.


5. Bicycle users group at school. Mentioned by Marion Treasure at last meeting. Agenda Item 5.


Agenda items:

 1. Wray Avenue Planning Policy – progress report: June and Alan reported that they had seen Phil St John and Paul Garbett who had made progress with the policy but were almost entirely occupied with the planning policy amendment for the CBD area at the moment. It was hoped that the policy would be completed by February or March and will be ready for public comment after that, before it goes to Council for consideration. Alan said any comments at this stage would be welcome – just email him if they want a copy. June and Alan explained that the policy was intended as a means of maintaining the character and heritage value of Wray Ave.

2. Junction of Wray Avenue and Brennan, Carnac and Manning Streets – progress report: Chris explained that this item had been considered at the last 2 meetings. After the discussion at the meeting in August, at which a number of different viewpoints were expressed, the precinct invited Dwight Kostusik from the Council to the last meeting to provide advice on possible options. He had prepared a sketch with possible options to improve safety and parking around Galati’s store. He undertook to consult with affected people nearby (and we are informally advised that the consultation process has started).

As part of the bigger picture, parking in Manning St had been discussed. Mr Kostusik had suggested formalising some of the verge parking to improve amenity and organisation of a fairly messy area. Further discussion ensued – with there being a broad consensus that some properties looked after their verges and wanted them not to be used for parking whereas others (one in particular) were quite untidy and could be better organised – and to allow for parking at Galati’s. (At this point Lynn McLaren joined the meeting and was welcomed by the convenor.)

There need be no particular action on these issues at this point as Mr Kostusik is aware of the general problems and is consulting stakeholders. However there was some concern that, although the coming and going around Galati’s was a good slowing device in itself, greater official attention should be given to slowing traffic in this part of Wray Ave, points made by Cr Pemberton and Alan Kelsall. Chris agreed to write to Council on this point.


3. Freowatch – information item: Chris advised that he was getting regular messages about breakins from the Council and also advised that the information was available on the Council’s website for those interested. Messages are being sent to Council rangers to keep an eye on any hotspots.


4. Review of year’s activities: Noted that a lot had happened in the precinct this year, notably the South Tce/Wray Ave roundabout, but because of other agenda items Chris proposed that he defer the report to the February meeting or the AGM in April. It was accepted that the AGM would be in April.


5. Late item – about Bicycle Users Group, BUG and supporting parents escorting kinds to school on foot or bike: Marion had circulated a draft letter to the Mayor in support of improving access to bikes for kids and parents dropping them off at school. Agreed that the precinct supports BUG and the school in their efforts to lessen cars around the school at dropping off/pickup times. Letter to go to Mayor along the lines drafted.


6. Late item – fence around preschool, Stevens St and Crandon St: Chris invited Patsy to speak to the letter that had been circulated at the beginning of the meeting. She pointed out that, with no notice to local residents, the entire pre-school area was to be fenced with a 1.8m fence. This area has been open and has functioned as a small park until building works began. There was some vigorous discussion about whether 1.8m was really necessary for child safety and also whether there could not be some means of allowing public access after school hours. Ultimately it was agreed that Chris could write to the School Principal, expressing our concerns and asking whether a ‘softer’ treatment could be put in place.


Other business:


Mary Dortch asked whether we could ask the Council/MRD whether there could be allowance for pedestrians, a specific ‘walk/don’t walk’ sign, at South Tce/South St corner. The request was supported and it was agreed that Mary could draft a letter for Chris to sign and send.


Cr Pemberton spoke briefly about role as a councillor in the first two months of office. She is on the Planning Committee and much of her time on Council business has been occupied with Amendment 49, the change that will allow different forms of development in the CBD. Her main experience had been much attention having been polarised around the proposed building heights, whereas there were many other issues to be thought about as well, the terrace houses in Point St for example.


Next meeting: 14th February 2012


The meeting closed at 8.27 pm and was followed by a light supper.


Please note; Minutes of the October 2011 meeting are available in the ‘downloads’ menu and have now been accepted as a true record of the meeting.


Meeting chaired by Chris Haynes.


ATTENDANCE: Chris Haynes, Convenor, in the chair; Liz Haynes, Patricia Hanson, Alan Kelsall, Linda Kilkelly, Lorna Comley, John Harcourt Smith, Mary Dortch, Charles Dortch, Marion Treasure, Joe Dortch, M Dashlaaty, Larry Foley, Mollie MacLeod.


APOLOGIES: David Hawks, David Hutchison, June Hutchison, Kath Jordan, Henry Jackson, Mark Kilkelly, Mary Bairstow, Phillip Bairstow, Dirima Cuthbert.


MINUTES OF JUNE MEETING: Posted on Freospace and accepted.


BUSINESS ARISING: Chris noted a letter had been sent to Council in support of the Heritage Festival. Other issues to be taken as listed on the circulated agenda list.





Chris passed on Council’s message that the pamphlets would be eventually phased out and that Freospace would become the means of letting people know of the meetings. Meeting discussed the issue and it was concluded most people wanted the pamphlets retained because so many people do not use a computer or else don’t look at websites very often. Moreover almost everyone present said they found the pamphlets a useful reminder. Chris would approach Council to request continuation.


Wray Ave planning:

Alan Kelsall & June Hutchison along with Messrs Garbutt & St John are working through the submission. Recognised the importance of Wray Ave characteristics.  Discussed height specifications/variations.


Traffic and parking around Galati’s as discussed at the June meeting:

Refer to letter dated 1/8/11 by Chris Haynes re Brennan St.  It was agreed that we would extend an invitation to Ted Edwards (Main Roads) via Larry Foley (Ph 93358476) to discuss information and gain knowledge on road speeds etc. [Note: Chris received an interim answer back from Council the day after the meeting to advise that officers will look at the site and provide an answer in 2-4 weeks and has since received another very positive reply with considerable detail included.]


Bus shelter near hospital:

Work on a replacement has been almost completed. Unfortunate that the hospital heritage wall wasn’t able to be assessed beforehand.


Stan Reilly Centre:

Stan Reilly & Synagogue. Chris advised that expressions of interest had been called for the use of Stan Reilly until end of 2012 but after that the matter is in the hands of the State Government. Chris will see what he can find out about the Synagogue.


Strategic sites working group (Central City):

See notes from June Hutchison.


Recommendation was made to approach all precincts and Freo Society to establish whether they wanted to create a combined information forum. (Liz to arrange).


Submission to Port Authority about future of Victoria Quay:

Prepared by Alan Kelsall & June Hutchison – see attached notes.

Thanks were extended to both authors.



Roundabout – South Tce/Wray Ave etc:

Not entirely happy with slow progress, signage etc.  Two citizens claimed recent bad experiences and hazardous situations. It was agreed Chris should approach Council CEO about how progress has been slow, pointing out the dangers, ask about the crosswalk and ask why emails and other enquiries are rarely answered.





NEXT MEETING: To be on Tuesday 11th October


CLOSURE: The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.




  1. Chris to advise Council of general wish to continue pamphlet drops [Done – and Council has agreed to continue for the foreseeable future].
  2. Chris to liaise with Larry Foley about inviting Ted Edwards. [Done and site meeting held.]
  3. Chris to find out what he can about progress with the Synagogue site.
  4. Liz to approach other precincts and Fremantle Society about a combined information meeting on the Strategic Sites in the Central City area. [In hand – being arranged with assistance from Council officers.]
  5. Chris to write to CEO about slowness with roundabout. [Action deferred as progress is being made through MRD].






Meeting chaired by Chris Haynes.


Present: Elizabeth Haynes, Alan Kelsall, June Hutchison, Charlie Dortch, Mary Dortch, Patricia Hanson, Heath Adams, Doug Ford, Moira McRae, Bob Crawford, Marion Treasure, Mollie Mac Leod, Henry Jackson.


Apologies for absence from: David Hawks, David Hutchison, Jan Kornweibel.


Minutes from last meeting were accepted: moved by June Hutchison, seconded by Charles Dortch.


Matters  arising from minutes:


1. Wray Av/South Tce roundabout  – to be discussed later in meeting.

2. Chris Haynes reported that Fremantle Council’s interactive website, ‘Freospace’, will become active very soon, and will be officially launched on Monday 27 June, 6 p.m., at the North Fremantle Bowling Club. It is intended to allow everyone access to precinct and other news, and to minutes of precinct meetings. People can post their own views and feedback, which will first need to be moderated, a precaution that the City has included to ensure that we don’t get into personal slinging matches etc. This means that, as appointed moderators, John Reeves-Burden and Chris will ‘clear’ them before posting, which means that we concentrate on issues rather than personal differences.
Finally (for now) please note that the meeting minutes will be posted on this site and that will be your way to access them. Just type in freospace.com.au.

3. At the April meeting it was agreed that there be a steering committee which will meet in the alternate months between the full meetings. All members suggested at the last meeting (Chris, John Reeves-Burden, June Hutchison, Ian Brashaw, Alan Kelsall, Julie Savill, Liz Haynes, Mollie McLeod) have agreed to be on the committee, except Julie who advised that with a young child it is difficult to attend at the usual meeting time.

4. Noticeboard outside Wild Poppy. This belongs to the council, and it should be possible for precinct notices, for instance, to be put there. Chris advised that John would continue negotiations with the lessee but any outcome was not known at the time of the meeting. Chris will chase up with John.


Agenda items


Stan Reilly Centre.  As reported by J. Hutchison and summarised by Chris Haynes in a recent email to precinct members:

The City of Fremantle is seeking your feedback on the proposed use of the Stan Reilly site at 94 South Tce, Fremantle.  You can provide feedback on the proposed land use by completing the online survey or attending one of the community feedback sessions to be held on Monday 27 June 10.00 am–12.00 noon or Wednesday 29 June, 6.00–8.00 pm at the City’s Reception Room, 8 William St, Fremantle.

To RSVP, email Council’s community engagement team: communityengagement@fremantle.wa.gov.au or contact on 08 9432 9725.

The City has identified preferred land uses to guide future development of the Stan Reilly site. The City received a number of proposals, including one from the Fremantle Football Club. The latter is currently supported by the City as being the best mix of land uses for the site.  It includes a combination of the following uses:

Recreation – indoor training facilities for use by the football club and other professional sporting groups, educational institutions, local sporting groups and community groups, such as seniors

Commercial – allowing facilities to be leased for Notre Dame University’s health sciences faculty, and other purposes, e.g. a private gymnasium, café or other health related services.

Community – flexible space available for use by community groups and not-for-profit organisations, for a range of purposes.

Further information can be obtained as hard copy from the Service counter at the Town Hall.


Bus stop outside Fremantle Hospital

June advised this is to be moved and improved. Public Transport Authority decides the position.


Wray Av./Howard St/South Tce roundabout

Members raised various points. All agreed that the Council completed the construction of the roundabout well, and quickly, and this message will be passed to the City Council. Chris Haynes will email Council summarising people’s concerns on other points, mainly the lack of proper signs to prevent vehicles exiting Howard St into South Tce.


Wray Av. design

Ad hoc design decisions have been made in this area previously. Alan Kelsall, June Hutchison and Ian Brashaw have drafted generic design guidelines (for shopfronts, etc.) to enhance or preserve the character of the precinct. They will present a draft of their ideas to allow anyone interested to make comments.


Signage in the city

This item is deferred until John Reeves-Burden is at the precinct meeting.


Brennan St, Manning St, Carnac St – parking, speed, congestion and other problems

Various danger points were noted, inc. exit from Brennan St into Wray Av. by car, because of very poor visibility. Most problems could be solved by traffic calming/ lower speed limits. Chris Haynes wrote to Main Roads Dept (which decides speed limits) in Jan. on the subject. However, Main Roads will not so far impose a 40 kph limit in South Tce south of Russell St., for instance.

Chris will compose a general proposal (including possible lowering speed limits in the precinct, and more policing to enforce them) to be put to the Council (since it’s the Council’s responsibility to solve threats to road safety), and will, after circulating to members on the email list, bring a draft to the next precinct meeting.


Victoria Quay and King’s Square

June advised that Community groups, including precinct groups, have been asked to submit ideas about developing Victoria Quay, now that ING has withdrawn from it. There is a chance to do something better, and more pedestrian-friendly. Besides some community use there could be workshops and shops. June thought that the precinct could make a general submission and this was agreed. Alan Kelsall emphasised the need to preserve vistas of the port from various points in the city and in general make a strong connection between Quay and city centre. The projected development is at a preliminary stage and there are no specific plans yet. A brief submission will be drafted for consideration at the next meeting. [Please note that in the mean time if anyone has any particular ideas on this can they let June Hutchison know].

On King’s Square, Alan reported that a committee has for 15 mths been discussing sites all round the square that are up for redevelopment, up as far as the traffic bridge – on aspects such as the mix of retail and commercial premises.


Fremantle Heritage Festival

Elizabeth Haynes suggested that the precinct congratulates the Council on the recent Heritage Festival.



Minutes of Ordinary Meeting and Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 5th April 2011, commencing at 7.15pm



ATTENDANCE: John Reeves Burden, Convenor, in the chair; Chris Haynes, Liz Haynes, Patricia Hanson, David Hutchison, June Hutchison, Lorna Comley, John Harcourt Smith, Mary Dortch, Charles Dortch, Carole Harte, Graine McCabe, Julie Savill, Mary Bairstow, Mark Kilkelly, Jan Kornweibel, Ron Davidson, Marion Treasure.


APOLOGIES: Ian Brashaw, Mollie McLeod, Dorle Ruthrof, Susan Grace, David Hawkes, Maria Lo Presti.


MINUTES: Were accepted with the following amendment:


Precinct Notice Board cannot be moved from wall at Wild Poppy due to space limitation at suggested site. John R-B to approach cafe owners in order that precinct take over management of notice board.




Precinct Notice Board:


John R-B had attempted to meet with cafe owners but they were “too busy”. John will follow up and, if necessary, will take measures in order for precinct to regain control.




John R-B has spoken with Phil Gale and was informed that the proposed temporary Left turn only exit from Howard Street will not be instigated when roundabout constructed but as a separate project on its completion. (See Other Business.)


Future of Precincts:


John R-B reported on progress with “Freospace” website planning. All precincts can submit reports, advertisements for local activities etc in order for better communication and liaison.  Plans are well advanced. Two people from each precinct are to be trained, towards end of May, to operate the site. Two years work has gone into this project and John feels this is an excellent initiative.

John R-B and Chris Haynes volunteered for training




Planning Policy for Wray Ave:


June Hutchison gave update, the policy format largely based on Hilton’s which has clear standards required for planning applications. A draft of the policy is available from June.


Fremantle Society sub-committee:


June outlined a meeting with Chris Leatt-Hayter, the new CEO of Fremantle Ports at which the original Waterfront Masterplan 2000 was discussed. The Authority requires and economic return for its operations with offices and attractions to bring people into the area. Cultural activities pertaining to immigration, historic buildings including the old sheds etc. and an attractive restaurant and retail area are being considered. A buffer zone precludes residential and hotel development due to emergency evacuation requirements. Input is welcome from all stakeholders. More information on how this may proceed will be advertised. Ron Davidson pointed out that the proposed ING development did not comply with the original masterplan.


Inner Harbour liaison Group:


David Hutchison reported that the dredging had been completed. The proposed ING Development had “fallen over”. The new CEO is more willing to work with the City. The issue of Export of Lead Carbonate had been examined by an independent authority, following exaggerated reports of pollution in the local press. A report is available from David.






Several members of Precinct and other stakeholders attended a meeting at the Council on April 4 at which the plans for construction of Roundabout were presented. It was agreed that the preferred option was for an intensive program be pursued, the work to be undertaken in two shifts, from 7am to 9 pm for a period of two weeks rather than six to eight weeks with conventional work hours. There have already been problems for local businesses for several weeks due to roof repairs being currently undertaken at the hospital. This has caused prolonged disruption to the flow of traffic along South Terrace and will continue for some time.

Precinct agreed with this decision.



Stan Reilly Centre:


The Fremantle Football Club has been given the major use of the building with some smaller community groups having some access for their activities. There was some discussion but further discussion was deferred to future meeting.



Cycle Storage was raised, the vacant land originally designated as a Medical Centre being suggested. This and the issue of cycle safety to be deferred to a future meeting.




John Reeves- Burden presented his report on a busy year, the main concerns having been the Wray Ave/South Tce Roundabout and the Council Review of Precincts.


The AGM guidelines were outlined by June Hutchison and are flexible; only convenor required, with a minute taker and a record of attendance. It was agreed that a committee, meeting every second month, had worked well. This pattern will continue, meeting between general meetings.




David Hutchison took the chair. John Reeves-Burden and Chris Haynes were nominated as convenor. Chris was elected convenor and took the chair.


Chris gave a vote of thanks to John for the work he had done in past years.


A committee was proposed which needs to be confirmed. Some possible members were not able to attend this evening and will need to confirm their interest and availability: John R-B (representing local business), June Hutchison, Ian Brashaw, Alan Kelsall, Julie Savill, Liz Haynes, Mollie McLeod. Other members of the precinct are welcome to attend.


Further business:


Minutes will be forwarded to all members via email unless hard copy required. (John Harcourt Smith requiring hard copy).


Council Elections are due later in the year and all are encouraged to take an interest in this. Chris will invite our Ward Councillors to next meeting.


Next meeting date: 7 June 2011.





The meeting closed at 8.35 pm.



Items for action:


  1. John to take further action on the notice board.
  2. Chris to advise Kay Raymond about members to be trained for use of Freospace.
  3. Chris to invite South Ward councillors to the next meeting.


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