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Next Meeting 14 June 2018

Date: Thursday 14 June 2018
Time: 7pm
Location: Fremantle Primary School Brennan Street (Science Room).


Councillor Rachel Pemberton will be giving a presentation on the redevelopment of the Fremantle Oval which connects through to Fothergill St, the Prison and potentially Hampton Reserve – the area between Hampton Road and the eastern Prison perimeter wall.

Councillor Adin Lang will be reflecting on his first 8 months as a City Ward Councillor and his views on key issues and opportunities for South City Precinct.

Hampton Road Working Group (HRWG) will be giving an update on their latest activities and news.

Acclaimed local artist and HRWG member Anne McCaughey will also be on hand to showcase her new set of inspiring visualisations for a proposed reserve of world class sculptures set amongst a landscape of WA native plants on Hampton Reserve. This idea has been enthusiastically received by the Director of Fremantle Prison who plans to incorporate the ideas into the draft Master Plan being prepared for the Prison.

So, please come along, meet your neighbours and elected Councillors and get involved with issues that affect where you live.

For more information or to add items to the agenda, please contact

Margherita at margherita.coco1@gmail.com

georgia_blackburn@outlook.com or call /text her on 0431 427814.

Notes: April 2018 Meeting

Twenty one people including Councillor Rachel Pemberton attended, with quite a few apologies.

The main agenda item was again Hampton Road and we heard many more first hand stories of issues from those in attendance. It was excellent having Councillor Pemberton there to hear these so she could report back to CoF but also to have her explain or answer questions as well.

The Hampton Road Working Group (HRWG) gave an update of several of the activities they have been progressing with, including:

  • A walk along Hampton / Ord with several staff from the City of Fremantle including from the Roads and Infrastructure area and also the Parks and Reserves area. This was to point out areas where there were specific issues or where new trees and vegetation could be planted this winter. It was also a chance to discuss opportunities for changing how things are. One area in particular is the enormous area of tarmac/road in the section next to the Prison, including several long  ‘No standing zones’ on the eastern side which are in stark contrast to the rest of Hampton further south where parking is allowed everywhere. The staff were at a loss to explain why it was like this.  Nick explained that one potential improvement would be to create a dual use (pedestrian/bike) path in roughly the location of the existing footpath on the western side and use the space taken up by the existing cycle path to increase the width of the median strip.  This would then be able to take more significant planting. Although this would avoid any change in the outside width of the road, David from CoF explained that a key problem here would be that the tarmac colour would have to be changed – no simple thing as that layer needs to be stripped off, but totally feasible when this section gets resurfaced in 2019/2020.
  • A very positive meeting with the Director of Fremantle Prison to share the Working Group’s  ideas about Hampton Reserve – ie the area between the eastern prison perimeter wall and the footpath on the western side of Hampton Road. One of the HRWG members, Anne, an acclaimed local artist, has produced two fantastic water colour ‘visualisations’ which were displayed at the meeting. Unfortunately Anne was overseas so Mark and Nick from the WG spoke to her visualisation and also to the collective ideas of the WG for this area. The visualisations show this area with a meandering path through a WA native landscaped world-class Sculpture Garden, with the path and Sculpture Garden being part of a new ‘tourist trail’ around the perimeter of the prison and linking up to other heritage features close by including Monument Hill, the Knowle (a heritage building in the Hospital grounds which is earmarked for future restoration), the existing grave/headstones at Fremantle Primary school – both not far from the southern prison perimeter wall – and the Ord-Bateman State Heritage listed housing precinct etc. The Director of the Prison really loved the ideas the HRWG presented and hopes to include them in the Prison Master Plan which is in preparation and will be released for public comment later in the year.
  • Julie spoke on some recent traffic data that was sent that morning to the HRWG by CoF. It appears from preliminary analysis that that traffic is increasing which is of concern. For those who might be interested there is a Main Roads website that contains current and historical traffic data – see https://mrapps.mainroads.wa.gov.au/TrafficMap/ including in some cases breakdowns by type and by speed.
  • Julie, Mark and Harvey appeared at the Council’s FPOL meeting the previous night and made the case that additional funding should be allocated to address safety issues as part of the planned resurfacing between Fothergill and High Sts in 2019/2020. This could include measures such as widening the northbound bike lane at Ord, green cyclist headstart box at Ord / High; widening of all pedestrian refuges etc. You can download a copy of the HRWG submission and questions.

The second agenda item was an update on the proposed closing of part of Attfield St between the schools. Councillor Pemberton advised this was on the ‘back-burner’ at present.

Notes : February 2018 Meeting

Forty one people attended, including City of Fremantle staff and Neighbourhood Watch people. Unfortunately both Councillors Rachel Pemberton and Adin Lang were unable to attend this months meeting and were both missed even though apologies were given on their behalf with the explanation that they did both really did want to attend.

Neighbourhood Watch presented first and covered extremely valuable information about getting to know your neighbours, who to contact in different emergency situations and the fact that ultraviolet pens are now used for marking belongings and not engraving. For more information including how to get bin stickers, pamphlets, special marker pens etc, please check out the Neighbourhood Watch website.

Eloise then gave an update on proposed changes to Attfield Street indicating that everything had slowed right down, a traffic consultancy was to be engaged and no changes would occur without community consultation.

Julie then gave an inspiring and well researched  presentation on the “Vision for Hampton Road / Ord Street project” which was met with a resounding round of applause. At the end it was asked of the audience who was in agreement and who wasn’t. The majority (including council staff) were in agreement, with only 2 people who were not. That equates to 95% support for this vision for Hampton Road  / Ord Street.

David from City of Fremantle then gave another very informative presentation on the work and various projects being done on Hampton Road over the upcoming months and what was being planning for the next year or so. David and his colleagues Sri, Dwight and Gavin were on hand to then answer specific questions that arose.

It was very well received that the four council staff attended on the Hampton Road issue.

The topic of calming, beautifying and connecting eastern and western areas bisected by  Hampton / Ord generated lots of comments and discussion especially in relation to the wider area transport planning issues that it raised.

Documents circulated at the meeting from the Hampton Road Working Group, as well as the presentation are available for download below:

Vision for Hampton Road / Ord Street : Summary

Vision for Hampton Road / Ord Street : FAQ

Vision for Hampton Road / Ord Street : Powerpoint presentation (pdf)

The presentation by David Janssens from City of Fremantle is also available for download:

CoF Presentation on Hampton Road

The meeting was brought to a close just after 9 but could have gone on longer.

Notes : December 2017 Meeting

We had a great turnout of around 30 people at the December 2017 meeting – including Councillors Rachel Pemberton and Adin Lang. As this was the first South City Precinct meeting since late 2013 it was fantastic to see so many turn up.

There were two main topics on the agenda.The first was a presentation and discussion of a submission made to Mayor Brad Petttit and Councillor Rachel Pemberton on a Vision for Hampton Road which was also circulated at the meeting and includes pedestrian and cyclist safety, new landscaping and beautification, traffic calming and more. The second related to a proposal from Fremantle Primary to close off a section of Attfield St between the Primary and Pre-Primary schools.

There was lively discussion on both topics with clear broad support that significant changes to the existing problems and situation on Hampton Road were long overdue. A Hampton Road Working Group has now been set up under the auspices of the South City Precinct in order to examine and progress the vision for Hampton Road.

The good news is that already as part of earlier discussions with Rachel and Fremantle Council, some immediate changes have been identified and implemented as part of the resurfacing of the section of Hampton from Wray Ave to the Prison. These include a smoother, quieter road surface (technically known as SMA 10 asphalt), clearly distinguished red bike lanes, a widening of the pedestrian refuges at the two crossings near the Hampton/Stevens intersection and provision for more mid-road tree plantings in winter 2018 in front of the prison. This is a fantastic start and a big thanks are in order to both Rachel and the Council on their responsiveness.

For more information about the Hampton Road Working Group (HRWG), please contact Julie Murphy who is heading up the group at julie4hamptonroad@gmail.com The next South City Precinct meeting is planned to be held on 15 February where we are sure to get an update from the HRWG.

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